A new approach to professional outsourcing

We know you have a choice.
While there are many options and locations available, few outsourcing organisations focus on a genuine and strategic integration with your team, your required services and your operating culture. We do.

We are not just another staffing company and our approach goes beyond simple people placement. With your organisation, we seek to create relevant and cohesive teams that achieve agreed objectives and meet company goals.
We are different. We are Prosource.

Why Prosource?

Our goal is to understand your business, your people, your approach and your specific needs. Without this, there is little value in using an outsourcing service! We bring talented, highly trained and culturally aligned team members to meet and indeed exceed your required services.

Why we are different

Client consultative

Our process begins and ends with you, our client. We work in a collaborative and consultative partnership to understand your business and role needs.

We find the best

For perfect candidate and client alignment, we engage comprehensive assessment and personality testing processes to determine a best fit for candidate, role and company.


Strategic, consultative and focussed on both role requirements and your business outcomes, Pro-source’s process minimises risk, cost and your valuable time.


We provide 24/7 support to our onsite teams to ensure they provide exceptional service to our clients and their projects.

How we help your business

In the cut and thrust of the business world where every dollar must be accounted for, we make it easy to engage our services and help you:

We make it easy and affordable for our clients to build professional dedicated service teams that work in unison with their own teams.

Our Services

As part of our service offering, we ensure there are established systems and processes in place regardless of the service being provided. By having these established at the outset, we ensure both your onshore and offshore teams carry out their jobs effectively, efficiently and accurately.

What our clients say

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