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Workpapering like you’ve never experienced before.

Empower your firm to produce high quality workpapers in the cloud. We give you the ability to connect with Xero to get the most recent Trial Balance.

Cimplico’s Workpapers is in the cloud, so you can stay on top of your workpapers no matter where you are. Our internal chat feature will enhance this experience, allowing for collaborative workpapering with other employees.

Need to contact your client to chase up documents? Workpapers allows you to open a communication channel with your client, allowing you to message and share documents securely.

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Seamless synchronise contacts, accounts and invoices between related entities within Xero

Cimplico’s Invoices allows your firm to invoice out of a single consolidated Xero file, eliminating the need to constantly switch accounts to invoice for different divisions or entities. To make this process easier for you, Cimplico’s Invoices will also synchronise your contact databases and relevant accounts.

Our Invoices application will take care of syncing invoices to individual organisations, so you can manage everything for your group in one place, while maintaining that critical separation of entities.

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Have your XPA data in Xero in 3 easy steps

Have you finally made the switch to Xero, but have no way of getting your firms XPA data across? No problem! We can handle any number of files thanks to our advanced technology, which will extract your XPA file data, manipulate it and have it pushed straight into your Xero orgs.

It’s that simple.

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